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Divorces and not just Uncontested or Contested 

Whether a matter is a contested or uncontested divorce depends on the perspective of the person using the words. Often it seems a couple is in agreement on many points, but all too frequently negotiations break down, your spouse gets stubborn, and the fight begins and escalates. That makes the matter contested and higher fees will be required.

Unless the parties already have a workable agreement, divorces  with children, when there are issues  about custody, more often than not involve more effort to resolve.

Divorces which require identification and evaluation of multiple or complex assets (homes, rental property, businesses, 401(k) divisions, and so on) will take more care to be handled. Resolving disputes takes more time because of what’s at stake. Another big complicating factor could be one spouse hiding assets, underreporting income, or just dragging feet and stalling out of resentment.

Divorces that involve alimony, may increase costs.

Where your divorce is filed affects what we charge in fees.  Different counties and different judges require more or less work by your attorney.

A  divorce that seems  pretty straightforward can become complex, and if complications arise, contested fees are proper and there will be charges in addition to an uncontested retainer.


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